About the man...behind the website

My name is Cody Brunner & I'm an aspiring web developer from Wichita, Kansas. Yes I totally just linked that because you were wondering "Where is Wichita, Kansas?". I specialize in JavaScript...well it being basically all I know we will use specialize very loosely! My skills include: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, React.js, Redux.js, Next.js, & GraphQL. I'm sure more can be listed; but those are what I feel the most comfortable with and use on a daily basis except CSS, good Lord I hate CSS!

So a little about myself...

I have served in the US Navy & am a veteran of OEF. I've gone to school for more time in my life than I would care to share and amazingly enough don't have a whole lot to show for it. I've studied Medicine, Law, & Engineering so I've got my bases covered! It was a Programming in C course that really got me going on wanting to write code. The challenge it presented was just pure fun. I could fiddle with a piece of code for hours figuring out how and why it did what it was doing. I loved that class! So when my last employer was failing to pay me what they owed me & the engineer shindig was really becoming a bore to me I thought "What was the last thing I did that I really loved & that really challenged me?" I will take it you know what the answer to that question was.

So I embarked on the journey to become a web developer in July of 2016. Here we are nearing a year and no I am not a web developer. I'm a web-ninja with his blue belt in the majority of his arsenal. I've learned so much in the last year that it's hard to believe it's only been a year that I crammed all of this into my head. It has been frustrating, there have been very long days/nights, & there have been extremely fruitless moments during this journey; but I'm not giving up and that is all that matters. I think the really interesting thing now is going back and refactoring projects I built 6-8 months ago and seeing not just how much the JavaScript ecosystem & tech in general has changed; but how much I have grown and learned in that time to become a better developer. Just look at my first website hosted on Github & built using Create-React-App: rcws-development@1.0.0

In my free time...haha what is free time? Wait no seriously I do have a life outside of this just let me think on it for a moment. I like to spend time with my dog, Miller, & any chance I get to see my adorable little niece is always a plus. I am a diehard Jayhawk, so ROCK CHALK!!! Yes that means all employment opportunities in the state of Missouri will be rejected...kidding I'm just kidding. I enjoy fishing, mircobrews, & live music. I'd love to relocate anywhere in the Pacific Northwest for those gorgeous views, hiking, & camping...hint hint!

I'm always looking for work & willing to relocate, Oh dear Lord please get me out of Kansas! So if you are in the market for a blue-belt web-ninja trained in the arts of Node, React, & dark beer you sir/ma'am have found your man!

In the future weeks & months...

Rewrite of Helios-Weather-App [In-Progress]

Write & Launch my friend's Photography Website[In-Progress]

Start Web Series on YouTube

Build GraphQL Endpoint for future apps to use.

Learn React-Native

Learn Electron.js